The Left-Handed People

Meet Dr. Jean Philippe Marcoux, the renowed Canadian chiropractor whose three-decade research into the world of left-handedness has uncovered a wealth of insights. Join us on a journey where understanding your true self isn't just enlightening—it's a powerful tool in preventing pathologies. Discover how Dr. Marcoux's research is reshaping our approach to wellness and self-awareness.

The left-handed people

“Left-handed people must align with their correct profiles to avoid various severe pathologies”

Dr. Marcoux

Left-handed people must align with their correct profiles to avoid various severe pathologies
Author's Biography

Jean-Philippe Marcoux

Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux, a Canadian chiropractor specializing in the cervical vertebrae, resides in Monchique, Portugal. He is the author of "The Left-handed Woman, The Left-handed Man," co-written with his wife, Chantal Julien. Dr. Marcoux made a significant discovery in his practice: left-handed individuals have a double animus/anima, which profoundly influences their behavior in all life areas. This insight led him to develop "Neuro-sociological Profiles" through a mathematical model created with the help of a specialist.
Dr. Marcoux's work suggests that left-handed people must align with their correct profiles to avoid various severe pathologies. His research has attracted significant interest in the psychology and psychiatry communities, making him a much sought-after speaker for conferences across Europe.
Known for his charismatic personality, Dr. Marcoux excels in sharing his knowledge and conducting lectures and workshops. His work focuses on the improvement and transformation of human health—physically, psychologically, and socially.

Jean-Philippe Marcoux
Human and yet so different
About the book

Human and yet so different

Our society is built on the multipolar involvement of men and women who, as best they can, demonstrate their intellectual and physical production capacities. The question is: are they doing it to the best of their ability?
If yes, why?
If not, why not?
The answer to why has always been within our grasp, and for reasons of belief and non-belief, denial of difference and lack of knowledge and understanding of human behavior, we've wilfully "denied" this HUGE DIFFERENCE that exists between right-handed and left-handed people, right-handers and left-handers.

This difference has ramifications in all aspects of our lives, whether in the field of health and illness (physical and mental), in the dynamics of heterosexual and homosexual couples, in the work environment, in physical activities, in positive or negative reactions to medication, drugs or food, in the world of hierarchies and power plays and so on. In my desire to offer better quality of care to improve my patients' quality of life,
I discovered and understood the neuro-sociological key that enables us to manifest our full potential and thus MANIFEST THE BEST of ourselves.


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Customer experiences

"In the summer of 2023, my partner and I were introduced to the treatments of Philippe Marcoux. A special experience for both of us, which made the energy flow through our bodies differently. A sort of 'reset', causing blockages to dissolve in deep relaxation."

Ruud & Elise

"It brought me closer to myself." Where I had completely lost myself and nothing in the current system could bring me anything anymore, I desperately searched and received these treatments, which now allow me to function fully again.


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